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VPN Client and Windows 2000 Domains

When joining a machine to a Win2000 domain I am running into a problem with the boot up process hanging. If the network cable is connected the machine will not complete boot up. However, if I remove the cable the boot up will complete and If I then re-attach the cable it will allow me to login to the domain. Having this issue w/both ver 3.51 and 3.52 of the VPN client. Help!!

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Re: VPN Client and Windows 2000 Domains

Never heard of or ran into that yet. I wonder if there’s a conflict with other software on your machine or an unusual IP stack?

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Re: VPN Client and Windows 2000 Domains

Not to answer the original question, sorry.

I have different problem with a VPN client and NT Domain issue.

The scenario is like this:

1. From a PC running Windows 2000 Pro, enable "start before logon" to authenticate the user to the Concentrator.

2. After the VPN tunnel established, login to the NT Domain behind the Concentrator. The client`s PC has to authenticate to the PDC of the domain to be able to join the NT`s Domain.

The problem I have is on step 2, which I get an error from Win2000 Pro, that it can not authenticate to the PDC. Already nailed the PDC address and Domain name on \winnt\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts file.

Appreciate for any enlightenment

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Re: VPN Client and Windows 2000 Domains

Setting the parameter of WINS IP address to be given to the remote client does solve the problem. The problem is not on the Concentrator, but on how Window machine authenticates to a PDC.

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