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VPN Client and wireless cards for notebooks at WiFi Hotspots

I have the VPN Client 4.0.1 installed and try to connect to our corp.

network through a WiFi connection at a T-mobile or other hotspot. I have tried with a Netgear card and now with a Linksys WPC54G. Both allow me to connect to

the Internet just fine, but the VPN Client will not work. If I use a wired connection to my cable router at home, the VPN works just fine. I used to have a Sandisk wireless card for my laptop and it worked with that one too - unfortunately it broke ;-(

Is there a specific Wireless notebook card I need to buy ? Or are there any settings I need to change ? I run Windows XP. The error in the log file says something like:

> Sev=Warning/3 GUI/0xE3B00003 GI EnumPPP Callback timed out <

PS - I am a "normal" user, not an administrator or similar

Thank you,

Matthias Buerger



Re: VPN Client and wireless cards for notebooks at WiFi Hotspots

one DHCP server behind the VPN 3000 Concentrator is used for both wireless connections and VPN connections. For wireless connections, the concentrator serves as a DHCP relay agent to relay the DHCP message between the wireless AP and DHCP server

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