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VPN Client Connect to PIX but won't access VPN hosts

We just recently moved to a new office building that has its own router and DHCP server that connects to the Internet with a T1. We connect into it using our Linksys WRT54G wireless router and use the DHCP on the linksys for our LAN boxes.

The LAN side of the Linksys is 192.168.1.x, and the WAN side from the building is 192.168.64.x.

We're using Cisco VPN Client 3.5A connecting to our PIX firewall at our production facility. The setup works in our old office, at all our tech guys homes, but not from this new office.

Yet the VPN client actually connects to the PIX and says its completed fine. Yet when you go to access a computer on the VPN with telnet, term services, VNC Viewer, or even just ping - you can't reach any of the servers. Also, while on the VPN you can still surf the Internet.

We know that our PIX is configured properly because it works will from every place. Any suggestions on what we do to either the linksys or the building's DHCP/router server so we can actually connect to the boxes in our VPN?




Re: VPN Client Connect to PIX but won't access VPN hosts

it looks like the router and the linksys are both doing NAT, which could break things. Try plugging into the router, without the linksys in between, and making the vpn connection. The linksys might have a vpn passthrough feature enabled - look to disable it.

the best solution is to get the linksys out of the picture - doing NAT 2x increases complexity and can break things

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