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VPN client connection from DSL client

I am having an issue with clients connecting via client 3.5 from a DSL service provider (Sympatico in Canada). The client can initiate the connection and can ping internal ip addresses, however they timeout whenever they try to access any internal resources. I have tried adjusting the MTU settings - has anyone else run into this issue?


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Re: VPN client connection from DSL client

What OS are the clients installed on. Sounds like a Domain Authentication issue. You will not be able to access the resources on the domain until you are logged on to it. I've worked alot of cases where people associate user authentication, especially if pointing to there DC, with domain login which is not the case and is completely separate. If your on WIN2k, after tunnel is established you can verify which server your logged into. Go to cmd, type "set L" and this will show you which server your logged onto. What you want to show up as the server is your DC and not your local pc.

Could be MTU, but theres not enough information here to determine that as well. With WINNT,2k,xp you will need to use start before logon and bring the tunnel up. Please post what OS you are using with the clients. There is also 3.6.3 client available which has some new features and several bug fixs. What device are you connecting too? Pix, router 3000? What version code? Router could have an mtu issue if you are using which we can configure to clear the df bit if necessary.

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Re: VPN client connection from DSL client

Are they connected directly or through another device? Is there a potential that NAT transparency may need to be check? Also, you may need to adjust the MaxFrameSize on the PPPoE adapter itself. You should be OK with about 1400. Hope this helps.

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