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VPN Client connection - No mapped drives

Last Thursday, I had to restart my VPN 3015 Concentrator. After that, whenever a client tries to connect, he can, but he cannot access any network resources. In other words, a client can connect to the network (I confirmed this by looking at the system monitor) but he cannot map any network drives or access Outlook. This happens to all clients so I'm pretty confident that there is something screwy with the concentrator configuration and not the client.

I know this is not much information but does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the cause of this?


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Re: VPN Client connection - No mapped drives

It souunds like you're not getting any WINs services. IPSEC doesn't encapsulate NETBIOS so a WINs server is needed to map drives.

Check out this document for more details.

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Re: VPN Client connection - No mapped drives

Actually, I accidentally found the problem...someone had changed the "IPSec over TCP" to be on. We are running UDP. Once I corrected that, the problem resolved itself.

Thanks for your input.

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