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VPN client / install problem

Ive got a problem installing the software VPN client. Installation goes fine, but when starting the vpn client i get the following error "The necessary VPN sub-system is not available. You cannot connect to the remote VPN server."

Deinstalling, Reinstalling, etc... didn't help.

Finally we formatted and reinstalled the complete pc-system in Windows XP SP1 an immidiatly installed the vpn client (to have no conflict with other software)

The windows XP is fully patched and up to date.

Extra info.

The system is an IBM thinkcenter M50 pc, P4 2.6Ghz, 512MbRAM. Cisco VPN client 3.6.6

In the event viewer the following line is inserted when starting the client.

"Cisco systems IPsec driver-service is depended of the not existing DNE-service"

Any hint would be welcome ?

Jo Lambrecht


Re: VPN client / install problem

the deterministic network enhancer is a component that gets install when you install the client. That is the DNE that you are getting the error on.

You are installing the client as an administrator, correct?

What kind of network cards are on that laptop?

I would recommend opening a case with Cisco's TAC - you have done most of the possible troubleshooting.

New Member

Re: VPN client / install problem

Check under "control pannel" > "system" > "Hardware"

"driver signing" set it to ignore

you have to reload the client S/W agian.


Re: VPN client / install problem

I have a remote site that was getting that same error message for two differnt reasons.

One, was casued by the local site's router. One session could be established but a second would cause the error. In your case since you are only using one session, Maybe your router does not allow an ipsec session. I had to replace the router with one that supported more then a single ipsec session.

Also, I would get that error if the site's internet connection is lost and the DSL modem is reissued DHCP. I have to reset both the modem and then the router.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: VPN client / install problem

from what I've read, This messages occurs whenever the gui doesn't detect cvpnd.exe. That is to say that the process which creates your "virtual" interface hasn't started automatically when the machine booted. Maybe if you get it to start automatically (admin services) you won't get the message anymore.

I have this situation with the PC I'm using right now. What I do is just click ok upon sight of the message, attempt a connection, which usually works anyways, and then after I disconnect whenever I try to reconnect again it won't show the message 'cause

cvpnd.exe is now detected byt the client's gui.

That was just my 2 cents...


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