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VPN client IP address


How I can fix the IP address for the VPN client which is connected through an ISP 3800 router.

I want to use that to apply access-lists to clients connected with VPN.



Re: VPN client IP address

if u asking about vpn client ip

it is in the ip address pool

i f u need assistance i ur config just post ur config here and tell me what u wanna do with it

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Re: VPN client IP address

No I'm not talking about creating a pool. I want to give each client a fixed IP address that will use it for any other time it connects.

Re: VPN client IP address

if u wanna make this thing to few users one, two or three

u can make treck

lets say u wanna assign this ip to a spisific client

creat a new pool and make the starting and ending ip as

then creat new vpn group and assin this new address pool to it

in this case u can garntee this user will take only this ip

u can rpeat this idea for evry user u want it to have a spisific ip

but this works for few number of users

good luck

please, if helpful Rate

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Re: VPN client IP address

I don't like a lot this idea.

Thank you any way.

Re: VPN client IP address

Re: VPN client IP address

hi Jagdeep

i think the nice link u have post it here exactly dose the same idea i have mentioned above

although it is for PIX but the idea is aplicable on a router as well :)

then we agree that this way will let Omar achieve his goal with this method

however as i mentioned above it is aplicable for saml number of useres because it is not scaleable

for large number of users iw ould say authentication with ACS AAA and on ACS we can make static IP assignment from there

thank you

and good luck Omar

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Re: VPN client IP address

This what I'm thinking that this solution is not scalable. And I want to use a method while keeping the same vpngroup.

As I don't have an ACS in this solution, I can only use the method you mention it.

I tried to do that using AAA on the router but that don't give a solution.

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