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VPN client - no login window

I have been using the VPN Client 4.0.1 for several years and never had a problem until late last November 2006. Now, when I try to connect, it says:

1) Initializing the IPSec link...

2) Contacting the security gateway <IP>...

3) Authenticating user...

...and after a long delay...

4) Not connected.

This happens with all of my connections. So it appears to be client side versus server side. BTW, I think the server side is a 3000 Concentrator. I have Windows XP (Build 2600.xpsp.050622-1524 SP2). Windows firewall turned off.

I have attached the log file and the big problem seems to be PEER_DELETE-IKE_DELETE_NO_ERROR.

All the server says is:

160 11/28/2006 18:01:16.850 SEV=5 IKE/194 RPT=6 <Client IP>

Group [developers]

Sending IKE Delete With Reason message: No Reason Provided.

158 11/28/2006 17:59:03.710 SEV=5 IKEDBG/64 RPT=11 <Client IP>

IKE Peer included IKE fragmentation capability flags:

Main Mode: True

Aggressive Mode: False

Anybody know why it can't connect?




Re: VPN client - no login window


Enable UDP Transport on the client, and make sure UDP 500, UDP 4500 and UDP 10000 are allowed thorugh the Internet from your IP.

If still doesn't work, you will need to updgrade to one of the 4.8.x VPN Clients.

Please rate if this helped.



New Member

Re: VPN client - no login window

I have always used UDP on my client.

My ISP says these are the only ports that are blocked:

TCP 135 NetBIOS - MS Blast and Nachi Worms

UDP 137 NetBIOS - MS Blast and Nachi Worms

TCP 139 NetBIOS - MS Blast and Nachi Worms

UDP 445 SMB - MS Blast and Nachi Worms

TCP 445 SMB - MS Blast and Nachi Worms

UDP 1434 MSSQL - Slammer Worm

TCP 4444 Back Door - created by W32.Blaster.Worm

UDP 8998 SoBIG

UDP 2048 Cisco IOS Webcache (Vulnerability)

TCP 2002 Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Vulnerability)

TCP 4156 Back Door - created by Linux Slapper worm

TCP 5554 Sasser Worm

TCP 6777 BAGEL Worm

TCP 9996 Sasser Worm

I took my laptop into work and I was able to access some of my other VPNs with no problem. So, it only seems to be a problem at my home location :( My ISP insists that they are not blocking anything other than the above.

Do you think 4.8.x client will help? To me, it still seems like a problem with my ISP. Also, where can I get the 4.8.x client - you have to be special registered or something to get access to the download.



New Member

Re: VPN client - no login window

OK, finally figured it out. DOH!

Had gone to a dual monitor setup at home. The (explicit word deleted) login window was somewhere off the screen and I could never see it. When I took my laptop into work, it was a single display, so I could see the login window there.



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