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VPN Client problem /w terminal server

Hi all!

I'm new to this forum so excuse me if this has been discussed before.

I have following problem:

Customer has Cisco Unity Client (v4.0.2.D) installed on a server. He connects to that server with terminal client. Then he tries to open a VPN connection from this server to a concentrator.

Xauth prompt never appears, following is displayed:

Connection terminated locally by the client.

Reason: User authentication failed.

Connection works just fine when he starts it locally from server.

I'm asking:

Is there any possibility that this scenario could work? If there is, I'll be more than happy to hear it...

And yes, Allow local LAN access is enabled...

Thanks in advance,



Re: VPN Client problem /w terminal server

Is the concentrator configured for split tunnel? Having the client flag that on isn't enough if the concentrator is not configured for split tunnel.

If it is, is he connecting to the TS server from a machine in the allowed split tunnel networks?

Community Member

Re: VPN Client problem /w terminal server

Hi and thanks for your answer!

Yes consentrator is configured for split tunnel and I have added Client Local LAN to split tunnel list...

And as I said, when user is physically using the server and connects, everything works just fine. It's just when using terminal client things are not working...

I just want to know if this scenario is possible or should I just drop it and tell our client to start installing those VPN Clients locally to every workstation... ;-)


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