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VPN client to PIX to inner DMZ

I'm having a bit of a problem possibly someone can help me with. I have a PIX with an inner and outer DMZ setup, and I am running ver 6.0. I have my ipsec VPN setup and running fine authing to NDS via Bordermanager Radius Services. I have full connectivity to the inside interface of my pix and the private network beyond, but all the traffic to my inner DMZ is being dropped. I have a 2 way ACLs setup for both my inner DMZ and internal network to talk to my VPN pool, but inner dmz traffic is getting dropped. any ideas?



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Re: VPN client to PIX to inner DMZ

Are you using the VPN1.1 or 3.0 client? Could you post a sanitized config (or at least the VPN-related bit including ACL's)?

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Re: VPN client to PIX to inner DMZ

VPN client 3.0, but I figured out the problem. To general of ACLs thty needed to be much more specific. MY DMZ and VPN are generally in the same private range. but again the acls seemed to be to general, I needed to be a bit more specific with the acls for what reason I do not know, but more specific worked just great where non general acls were seeming to confuse the pix, and it did not know what to do with them exactly according to the log.

thanks for the response.


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