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VPN client 'vpnclient stat' returns error: "...unable to communicate..."

I use VPN client ( and Wireless WAN for the internet connection.

After connected to one of our customer's VPN site, I open the DOS command prompt and type the VPN command line: 'vpnclient stat'.

It returns:

"The application was unable to communicate with the VPN sub-system."

Then, about one minute later, 'vpnclient stat' will return a correct "VPN tunnel information".

I only see this VPN communication problem if I connect to a specific customer VPN site.

I made the VPN connection using command line: ipsecdialer /sd /c "My VPN"

Runs on:

Windows XP SP2

Cisco VPN Client (


1) What is the above 'communication' error message means?

2) Why I see this error about one minute right after the VPN connected, and it gets corrected by itself?

3) Why I only see this error if connected to one VPN site and not if connected to other VPN site?

2) How to fix it?

Any help is appreciated.

Community Member

Re: VPN client 'vpnclient stat' returns error: "...unable to com

It looks like bug to me, check the bug-id:CSCeg09951 and CSCdv77755

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