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VPN client with Windows XP ICS-Cannot ping with split tunneling

Has anyone ran into this issue? When I connect from the internet with a windows 2000 box, no problems. When I connect with my windows xp pro sp1 box and NO split tunneling, no problems. But when I config split tunneling, I can no longer ping. It has Internet Connection Sharing on. Any ideas?



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Re: VPN client with Windows XP ICS-Cannot ping with split tunnel

So far I've opened a case and been told ICS is not supported. There's a doc out there talking about disabling ICS at install is all I've gotten. That's not acceptable with a ton of customers using XP ICS at home with the VPN. While I was waiting I am able to get it to work through a very clugy method. But according to cisco they don't support ICS so this may be the only way to get it to work until someone decides to figure this out and fix it. With the enhanced abilities of XP's UPNP and multi media able PAT'ing vs Ciscos nonUPNP/Videoconferencing PAT I'm finding at least now that MS's is better so I've pulled my 800 and put it on the lab floor. I know this is sacreligious but I need to be able to video conference with PAT and with Cisco you just can't as far as I've seen without big pains. If I'm wrong please correct me, I'm a cisco biggot and am waiting for this so I can move back.

Anyhow here's what I did to get this to work

-Install the VPN client 3.6.3 is what I'm using

-Create the client entry

-Go to admin tools=>services=>ICS and stop the service(It didn't hurt anything on my local LAN, just temporarily)

-Connect to the IOS VPN and make sure you can ping(it works for me)

-restart ICS and leave the VPN connection running. (After these steps, I have them both running now)

OK thats it!


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