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Hi All

I have two sites A & B...Site A is the headquarters (HQ) & side B is a 3rd party(3P) office which we needs to be given support from the HQ. Both of these offices are in 2 different network (entirely different network)... In site B i have set up PIX as the VPN server. ...Now we have installed VPN clients in site A and we need to give support to site B remotely from site A through these VPN Clients...

The problem am facing is i can dial the local ISP and connect to the internet and launch VPN Client and connect to the site B and i can do anything on the internal network of site B.. But from site A the pc's in the corporate LAN can terminate their VPN client on the PIX .but i cant do anything beyond that..i cant ping any devices in the internal LAN network of B.Is this coz they are 2 different domains ?? i can do everything from local ISP...but not from our corporate LAN...All suggestions are welcome...Please guide me




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My guess would be that you are doing PAT on your firewall at Site A. If using native IPSec, the protocol used is ESP which most PAT devices have trouble PAT'ing due to the nature of the protocol. The fix for this is to use something called NAT traversal. Take a look at the following link and see if this helps. Good luck.


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Re: VPN Client

Hi Scott

Thanks for ur reply...In Site A there is not NAT ot PAT ...its a Public Ip address range whic we are using and the same goes out...I can see the same IP address in Site B pix log..But nothing happens after that ? y is this ? Where as NAT is being done on Site B fro proxy server,xchange server & DNs server..thatz it

waiting for ur reply


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