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VPN Client

I'm trying to set up an 1811 Cisco router to accept VPN connections. I created a group, provided a pre-shared key.

I try to connect with my PC (XP) using Cisco VPN Client but at the hypterminal window I see the message

%CRYPTO-6-IKMP_NOT_ENCRYPTED: IKE packet from was not encrypted and it should've been.

I believe I should use another VPN Client, from what I saw while researching online it was Cisco Secure VPN client that supports pre-shared keys, but I can't find this software for download anywhere.

Could you please suggest me a VPN Client that I could use, if this is my problem, or please suggest what could be my problem.

Thanks in advance



Re: VPN Client

Make sure that the Access Control Lists (ACLs) configured for the crypto map are mirror images of each other at opposite VPN endpoints. For example, if you have the access-list command on VPN router A, then VPN router B would need to be configured identically.

For an explanation of common debug error messages used in resolving IPSec issues, refer to

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Re: VPN Client


Thanks for your reply.

Actually I'm trying to connect a PC (Windows XP) with a router. I was able to connect.

The thing is that if I use a dhcp pool, the PC doesn't get an IP. If i use a local pool it gets the IP, but it doesnt connect to the internal network the router is connected to.

I use FE 2 to create the VPN Connection

FE 1 is configured with another IP, and I need to access the network after FE 1.

It doesn't happen with the local pool.

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