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VPN Concentrator 3000 + 3002 Client + Software client issues

This scenario involves a Concentrator 3000, HW 3002 Client, and Software Clients via dial-up.

I have a VPN Concentrator 3000, and I am using all three Network ports.

I have the public port (#2) as the default gateway.

Any traffic that tunnels into port 2 can reach the internal network, and vise verse. So if I set the 3002 HW client to hit port 2 it will work. But I need the 3002 HW client to hit External port (#3), and all dialup clients to come in port 2.

When I configure the HW 3002 client to go to port 3 it will not establish a tunnel. When I look at the logs I can see that the Concentrator is trying to return to the HW 3002 client via the default gateway, port 2, not through port 3, which is the port the tunnel was initiated on. So it will not establish the connection and fails.

I have tried to enter in static routes and even not putting a default gateway at all ... but it does not seem to change anything.

Has anyone else used this scenario and how did you solve it?

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Re: VPN Concentrator 3000 + 3002 Client + Software client issues

Might be an arp issue. Try bouncing the box after config changes.

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