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VPN Concentrator 3000 use ospf with md5 authentication failed

Hi All,

I just tested ospf with a VPN 3005 connected with a cisco router using ospf md5 authentication but fail. In cisco router, I can see ospf neighbor status is "INIT", but can not see any log in VPN 3005, physical connection is good, ping can be reached each other. I have tried both " ip ospf authentication message-digest & ip ospf authentication-key" command and " ip ospf message-digest-key" command in the router, the password is the same in both side and the md5 id has been set. But when I use simple authentication or disable authentication the neighbor relation can up. Any body met this case before? Thank you!

Best Regards

Teru Lei

New Member

Re: VPN Concentrator 3000 use ospf with md5 authentication faile


It's a knowns bug, I have also met with this previously: CSCef38044

It is not possible to build up OSPF using MD5 hash neighborship with newer IOS versions, on which LLS capability is enabled. LLS capa is enabled somewhere from 12.2T. This behaviour can be found on CVPN from 4.1.5 and above including 4.7 also.

I tested it with several IOS and CVPN OS - same result.The sympthom: router ospf neighborship stays in INIT/DROTHER state.

Solution is to configure the router:

router ospf 1

no capability lls

This will solve your problem.

Attila Suba

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