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VPN Concentrator 3005 drops connections

We have a VPN Concentrator 3005 for employees to connect from home or off sites. Recently some users have reported dropped VPN connections, even though their Internet connection is ok. Below is part of th log, could someone please tell me what needs to be done to fix it?

26872 11/29/2005 11:39:04.200 SEV=4 IKE/120 RPT=2211 24.3.x.x

Group [groupname] User [username]

PHASE 2 COMPLETED (msgid=637ef260)

!At this point it appears that user was able to connect fine.

26873 11/29/2005 11:39:06.650 SEV=5 IKE/50 RPT=1672 24.3.x.x

Group [groupname] User [username]

Connection terminated for peer jargiro.

Reason: Peer Terminate

Remote Proxy 172.x.x.x, Local Proxy

26876 11/29/2005 11:39:06.650 SEV=5 IKE/194 RPT=1885 24.3.x.x

Group [groupname] User [username]

Sending IKE Delete With Reason message: No Reason Provided.

26878 11/29/2005 11:39:06.660 SEV=4 AUTH/28 RPT=1725 24.3.x.x

User [username] Group [groupname] disconnected:

Session Type: IPSec/NAT-T

Duration: 0:00:02

Bytes xmt: 0

Bytes rcv: 0

Reason: User Requested

!What does this mean?? User said she didn't disconnect anything.

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Re: VPN Concentrator 3005 drops connections

First, turn on the Cisco VPN client logging and up the logging level:

Log | Enable (if not already enabled)

Log | Log Settings (set all items to 3 - High, select ok)

Have the user select Log | Window in their VPN client so it is visible. Have them login to your VPN. Check the users logs for any errors.

=Cisco Concentrator=

- check for version limitations on what client they can use (users get disconnected w/out a message and concentrator does not point this little item out when it happens)

Configuration | User Management | Groups | IPSec (Client Type & Version limiting)


Configuration | User Management | Groups | IPSec (Client Type & Version limiting)


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