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VPN Concentrator 3005

(Note: This message was posted as part of the "Ask the Expert" Event on Hardware Platforms for VPN’s that took place September 18-29. Feel free to respond to or form discussions around this question)


Sep 18, 2000, 1:48pm Pacific (4.)

VPN Concentrator 3005- I am able to connect fine, however, my login script does not run. (I'm on a NT 4 domain). Is there anything I can configure in the IPSEC client to run the nt login script?

thanks in advance


Re: VPN Concentrator 3005

I'll need a little more background to try and help you out. Are you able to login to the domain at all? It's possible that an excessive delay in establishing the VPN tunnel can cause the domain login to timeout. If that is the case just cancel the first login box and retry. Check the client event log to see if you are logging into the domain properly or not. The domain login script should run after each successful login. This happens independently of the VPN client. Let me know how it turns out.

New Member

Re: VPN Concentrator 3005

We have the same problem. Do you have a solution right now?

New Member

Re: VPN Concentrator 3005

How is the client pc getting WINS. It needs to be sent via the 3005. What is the platform you are running the client on. I found that WIN95/98/ME do not get WINS from 3005 WINNT does.

More likely than not you need to configure a static WINS entry in IP properties on pc.

I have done this and I log onto domain and run loggin scripts.

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