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VPN Concentrator 3030 and PIX 501 - Windows Domain login Problem

I have a PIx 501(in a Cablem modem) creating a vpn tunnel (IPSEC), in Client Mode, to a Cisco 3030 Concentrator. I am not able to log into our windows domain (problem registering the workstation behind the PIX). I am able to ping the Domain Controler, and everything else seems to work fine.

Any idea in how to solve this?

If my laptop is behind the PIX I can log into the domain with the accounts that were previously logged in in the LAN, no other account can do it. I can map drives, and run loggin scripts. But the problem seems to be the ability to register the workstation in the domain, and allow a new user to log into the domain using the workstation(laptop).

I am not able to ping the ip assigned to the PIX 501.

Do I need NEM too allow this kind of communication to happen? As soon as I switch to NEM mode, I don't have communication with the corporate network, the session appears alive in the 3030 (Monitoring|Sessions) , but no IP was assigned to the PIX. What do I need in my Concentrator to make NEM work? (other that allow NEM authentication).

any suggestion would be highly appreciated.




Re: VPN Concentrator 3030 and PIX 501 - Windows Domain login Pro

Hi, Can you post your 501 config....this might help.

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