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VPN concentrator Upgrade


In my current setup, i have Cisco VPN Concentrator 3015.

Software running on this system is Ver 3.5. Currently i am using cisco VPN Client 3.1.

I have downloaded new Cisco VPN Client 4.0.2 and connected using my same PCF file.

Now I am planning to upgrade my Cisco Concentrator to 4.0.1, can i used cisco VPN Client 3.1 and Cisco VPN Client 4.0.2, to connect to the upgraded concentrator?

Will this upgrade(Concentrator) effect any of the clients or tunnels ?

Also i have a group created, but i forgot the password, is their any way i can get.



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Re: VPN concentrator Upgrade

Yes, you can use the 3.x client to connect to a 4.x concentrator. You canNOT use a 4.x concentrator with a 2.5 client.

The upgrade won't alter your existing config, although there will be some new features added. Make sure after the upgrade you go in and save the config, cause the new features aren't automatically saved. To take full advantage of these features you'll need to be running at least the 3.6 version of the client, preferably the 4.x version. You can check the Release Notes here:

As for the group password, go under Administration - Access Rights - Access Settings and set Config File Encryption to None. Hit teh Save icon to save your config. Now go under Admin - File Management and View the file called CONFIG. This is the concentrator config file, sort of like a win.ini format. Scroll down (or just Search) for your group name, and just below that it should list the password. Once you have it set the file encryption back to RC4 and save again.

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Re: VPN concentrator Upgrade

Thanks I will try this.

With 4.0 Client i am able to connect to only one of my concentrators, i have specified backup peer in the pcf file. It always connects to the backup but using my existing client 3.1 i am able to connect.

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