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vpn configuration/connectivity

I have made a successful connection between my cisco vpn client (v4.01) and cisco concentrator 3005. Unfortunately, a couple of problems are going on upon connection:

1) The client machine, an XP box, can only ping to several internal addresses within our Lan - the internal interface for the concentrator and several switches (not the switch that the pc is connected to)

2) the vpn client times out after around 10 minutes.

Can someone help me get started?

Thanks -

Steve Munro

WV Geological Survey

Morgantown, wV


Re: vpn configuration/connectivity

VPN connection timed out , may be due to keepalive time.

Try this:

make the following changes in the " *.pcf " ( * is the name of the profile thats used to connect to

the concentrator) file as guided below.

1) Go to the following location on your computers Hard Drive "C:\Program Files\Cisco

Systems\VPN Client\Profiles".

2) Right click on the connection entry file that you use to connect to the concentrator.

3) Choose "open as" option

4) Open this file in "Notepad".

5) Check for the line that reads "ForceKeepAlives" if its missing or reads equal to zero,

add/modify this as follows; ForceKeepAlives=1

6) Click on the file menu and then the save option and then close every single window that

you see.

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