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VPN Connection between 1711 and 3rd Party Router

I have an Astaro 220 firewall that has to vpn tunnels created, one to a Cisco 1720 and the other to a Cisco 1711 router. The setup in the Cisco's are basically the same as far as the VPN's are concerned. The problem is that I can ping every device on the other side of the 1711 connection, but when I try to do actual work like take over a machine via pcAnywhere or copy large amounts of data through the tunnel it does not work. Everything works fine through the 1720 tunnel to the other location. I've played around with the MTU sizes, but I don't fully understand which settings I should change (i.e ip mtu or ip tcp adjust-mss). Both of the 17xx routers are connected through a adsl line. I now have the vpn tunnel connected to that same site through their other Astaro router (mtu size is set at 1420 for the VPN) and it works fine but it is not adsl.

Any thing I can try?



Re: VPN Connection between 1711 and 3rd Party Router

What version of software are you running in the cisco 17xx routers ?.

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