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VPN Connection but no Internet

I have some OLD 95 boxes that I just put Cisco's VPN 3.1 client on. They have a cable modem connection.

They can create a VPN tunnel to us just fine and get to everything on our network. However, when they try to surf the web while connected to us, they cannot. It just times out.

I have other VPN users and none of them have ever had this problem. Are there any ideas about this? Thanks for your help on this.

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Re: VPN Connection but no Internet

By default, all traffic from the client goes through the tunnel, this is normal behavior. In order for users to have access to the Internet while connected via vpn, you will need to enable split-tulleling on the device that the vpn clients are connecting to.

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Re: VPN Connection but no Internet

Well how come the other VPN client connections I have don't have split-tunneling enabled and they are still able to surf the web?

I tried enabling split-tunneling and when I created the VPN tunnel, I could continue to surf the web, but I wasn't able to connect to anything on the inside network. Would the problem be on the access-list or what? How exactly do I do the split tunneling?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: VPN Connection but no Internet

I would imagine the other client connections are using your LANs default gateway back out to the internet. Instead of allowing split-tunneling(a security risk I might add) why not try to have the problematic clients use the LAN default gateway?

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