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VPN Connectivity Issue

We are currently trying to establish a VPN to a client or ours but without great success. We are testing the connection from our PIX 515 and have their shared secret but cannot test all of the time as our PIX is in service. Is their something we could use to test the configuration and to connect with them (ie some software etc) and then when we know the connection is correct we could make the changes on the PIX? Many thanks for your help!!


Re: VPN Connectivity Issue


What type of VPN? Pix-to-Pix (site-to-site) or Remote Access / Pix-to-another vendor?

If site-to-site using PIX IPSec then follow the instructions from this document:

If you are trying to VPN to a Checkpoint NG Firewall then read this document:

And which version of PIX IOS are you running?

Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.


New Member

Re: VPN Connectivity Issue

Hi Jay

Thanks for your reply. The pain is that we don't actually what type of firewall the company has. The client is actually SAP and it is a support line but we want to use but they won't tell what they have but have given the exact details but we simply don't seem to be able to connect. If I let you have the config and the sample they sent us would you be able to have a quick look? I would certainly appreciate the help.

Many thanks!!



Re: VPN Connectivity Issue


Certainly will have a look at you configuration, but it makes life a little hard not knowing what you PIX is trying to connect to.

You can send you configuration off-line to and I’ll check it out for you.


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