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VPN Connectivity Issues

At our company, we have a large number of users that are on the road for a significant portion of the year, including a moving 90% of our office to training camp. In order to help alleviate many problems, we implemented a VPN Concentrator 3030 to allow access back to our corporate network via high speed access.

It seems that increasingly, users are having problems with their VPN connectivity. Even at hotels where previously there were no issues.

I am unsure of what is causing the problem. Our users are able to "successfully" create a VPN connection, as both the VPN client on their local machine and on the concentrator report. However, they are unable to access any resources on our corporate network including network shares, e-mail and the like. We know that it's not the machine, because when those users move to a different location, they are able to connect to the VPN and work fine. We've had them change their VPN client setting from UDP to TCP with no avail.

By looking at the logs on the concentrator and the client, we cannot find anything that would be preventing the connection from being allowed. Is there anything that can be done to further troubleshoot this? As it seems to be happening more and more with the places our employees stay, we may have to start looking for alternatives to a VPN connection.

Thanks for any help or advice.


Re: VPN Connectivity Issues

could you corporate ip space be conflicting with what the hotels are using - i.e, you are using RFC 1918 addresses, and the hotels are too?

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Re: VPN Connectivity Issues

Unfortunately, I don't believe this to be the case. Internally, we're using 10.X.X.X addressing. This particular hotel's IP addressing (per the log on the concentrator and via the machines at the hotel) are 12.159.X.X.

Additionally, this isn't the only hotel where this has been a problem. I would love to know how to better troubleshoot this, especially since everything appears to be working fine.


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