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VPN Design (Different Options)


We are going to establish a VPN with one of our business partners. They have been using PIX firewall for their other VPN connections.

My questions:

1. Do I need to use PIX firewall or using IPSec with a regular router would be enough? Any limit on type of the router (2500 series could be used ?)

2. What other HW and/or SW do I need ? Do I need a separate router or I can use our current internet router?

3. What options do I have as different solution for this project?

As I'm new in VPN, I need some advice to get to the right path. Thanks for your help.

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Re: VPN Design (Different Options)

You do not need to use a PIX, The minimum router I would use is a 2600 with hardware encrypter, with IPSec 3des, if you are going to use single des use the 2600 without the hardware encrypter. If your circuit is going to be above T-1 speeds than jump up to the 3600 series or you will be cussing for days. I believe the IOS ver is 12.1(3a) or 12.1(5)xl don’t quote me on this. Any way if you go to Cisco’s tool for config maker for equipment ordering it will help you.

You can use a current Internet router if it is IPSec compatible, you can terminate tunnels on most any IPSec compatible device.

If all else fails call your Cisco Rep, "Good Luck"

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