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VPN Dialer Configuration


I have the head office and the branch office connected via DSL (thats a Data circuit only , no internet) both sides have private IP on the DSL interface given by the ISP. i applied a preshard key method vpn on them to enable the LAN on both sides to communicate with them.

the head office had dynamic Crypto map and the branch has the peer (head office) configured.

as soon as traffic for (the Head office LAN) from the branch ( thecommunication starts..

now a few weeks a go we started to have problem especially when the DSL line unsyncs and syncs back again the communication is lost.. even when traffic for is being generated from

can any one take a look at this branch side VPN configuration and let me know what im doing wrong ??

attached is the file with the branch office running config as well as the head office side crypto config ..

thanks in advance..

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Re: VPN Dialer Configuration

any thoughts ???

i updated this router a bit.. i added ip tcp-adjust-mss 1452 in the vlan1 interface and ip mtu 1592 in the dialer interface.....

the DSL problem now looks to be an ISP side problem cause if i run ping to the DSL inteface from my core router i get a series of 200 successful pings then 30 - 40 time outs then agian 200 successful then again 30 - 40 time outs.. n it keeps going on ... anyone had this kind of error ???

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