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VPN for remote access network

We have a remote access network of AS5300 and Cisco 3640 with DMM at diffenent location and currently dialup users connect to the nearest AS5300 or Cisco 3640 using PSTN dialup the cost of local call. We would like to use encryption on the existing network for all the dial-in users . (Internet is not the access or transport media) . We understand that we have to use Cisco VPN concentrator (Cisco VPN 3005) along with the VPN software client..

Today we use RADIUS authentication and IP address pool is provided by the AS5300 . When we use the VPN 3005 how does the current IP addressing get affected. Does the VPN 3005 provide the IP pool instead of the AS5300 and if so how ?.

Are there any sample configurations of AS5300 with VPN300X used on an intranet based dialup network.

The cisco site mentions a lot on VPN concentrator and VPN Clients using intranet as the access mechanism to a corporate network. but no reference is made to the type of requirements as mentioned above.

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Re: VPN for remote access network

VPN concentrator 3005 very much supports the IP pool. You can even manage it remotely.

The Concentrator manager ( GUI ) is much more easier to use;

check out "Configuring Address Assignment" in this link:

Hope this will help you.

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