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VPN hardware Client 3002 and DHCP


We are about to use a VPN 3002 hardware client in a satellite office, and this hardware client connects a VPN 3000.

The computers (clients) in the network are running DHCP. This is no problem because we can configure DHCP on the 3002 itself.

But we need other DHCP options then the ones you can select from the drop down menu. Wyse terminals need extra options because they need to be able to get there config from a FTP server. The options are 161 and 162, and these cannot be configured on the 3002 for as far as I know.

Is there a way to add these extra DHCP options to the 3002?

If not, is there a way to configure an "ip helper" address so we can use our central DHCP server in our headquarter?

Many thanks for helping us out.



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Re: VPN hardware Client 3002 and DHCP

Unfortunately the 3002 doesn't support any sort of helper-address DHCP forwarding. The PIX does support this when configured as an EzVPN client, but the 3002 does not.

I'm sorry but I don't know of any way around your predicament other than putting in a DHCP server at the 3002 network side.

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Re: VPN hardware Client 3002 and DHCP

Many thanks for your response.

It's not possible to set a DHCP server on the 3002 side :-(

But on the VPN3000 I found settings for DHCP relay. Is there a possibility that this could help us out? Or can't we use this in our setup?



Re: VPN hardware Client 3002 and DHCP

Hey Glenn!

Still "Down Under" or have you made it back to the States? Hope all is well for you.

It seems that Cisco is leaving the VPN Concentrators and 3002 Hardware clients behind in the development effort. I have always like the units for persistent VPN tunnels but the lack of obvious features such as support for multicast traffic, this DHCP issue here, no QoS ability and a few others leads me to believe that the Concentrator line is not long for this world. Yeah adding all of these features, and more, might cause it to cross over into Router territory but I don't think it would overlap enough to stifle router sales.

Without breaking the NDA or revealing too more that Cisco wants made public can you (or anyone reading this thread) comment on the lack of features on the Concentrators, Hardware clients and what Cisco is going to do about it?



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