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VPN Management/connectivity

Good afternoon,

I have a couple of questions on setting up a VPN on a PIX 515. We currently have VPN setup (a vendor set this up) where 4 of us in the office share a username/password to access the network. I would like to be able to setup multiple accounts and be able to log who connects and when.

Also, when I connect to the VPN I can gain access to an application that runs on TCP/IP, but can't browse network resources on our Novell network. I thought that I needed to connect to our ips with IPX selected as an additional protocol, but it wouldn't let me connect with IPX--just IP. I need to be able to access our Novell network. We also have a Windows domain that we need to allow users to access (they're using roaming profiles).Any suggestions? Is there some documentation that I could read up on?


Re: VPN Management/connectivity

depending on the pix's firmware version, you can set up a local username and password database on the pix.

IPX does not run over ipsec tunnels, unless you are doing GRE tunnelling which you cannot do on a pix. What version of novell are you running? You will probably want to migrate novell to running over IP

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Re: VPN Management/connectivity

Yes, that does make sense. We're running NetWare 5.1 and are in the process of migrating to IP only. We are currently running IP on our boxes, so I guess I'll need to check the internal network to see if that's where the problem lies.

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