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VPN Module NVRAM Error

After trying to enroll a 1712 router with a CA, my router kept requesting and being granted certificates, but didn't appear to be able to write them to flash/nvram. After rebooting, the VPN module produced the following error:

Error: %C1700_EM-3-NVRAMFAIL : VPN Module could not read its own NVRAM configuration: ([dec])

Explanation An NVRAM error has occurred, preventing the VPN module from being able to read its own NVRAM configuration.

Recommendation: Call tech support!

I am studying CCSP on my own and bought the router used, so I don't have access to tech support. Removed the module and the CA enrollment and VPN work fine, but I would still like to know the cause and solution to this problem.



Re: VPN Module NVRAM Error

Ensure that the Cisco IOS software image that the system is running supports the specified card. On the platforms that have both a boot image, which is loaded first to recognize the hardware, and a main image, which is loaded after the boot image,

ensure that both images support the specified card. Check the hardware and software compatibility matrix. If the Cisco IOS software image meets the hardware requirements, attempt to reseat the card. If this message recurs after the card has been reseated, replace the card.

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