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VPN+MQSeries Fails but if use SoftVPNClient OK. Why?

Dear all,

We area facing a weird situation which we haven't been able to solve in long

time, haven't found a solution. So I come to you to see if you could help me

with this.

We have a VPN connection of type "Easy VPN Remote" in client mode, with an

external office. We use a 871 router, directly connected to the Internet (not

behind any firewall). From the router we can ping our workstation, and the

remote server (their internal address).

Our application must send and receive messages to/from a WebSphere MQ Server

located in the remote office, and for that purpose we use an MQ client in our


The problem:

Although we can establish a connection to the server, when we try to send a

message we get a MQ error saying the connection is broken. Since the server

keeps replying pings, we can say the connection is alive! It is also weird

that when the program sits just to listen what messages have come, then there

is no error there.

Why I think is something related to the Cisco Router configuration instead of

the MQ Client or our application?:

We made a test that consisted of getting rid of the cisco router, to route

the client workstation through our working router (SonicWall) and used Cisco

VPN Software Client to make the same job. In this case our application was

not only able to connect the the remote MQ Server but also was able to send

and receive messages properly.

Thank you and any help would be much appreciated

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Re: VPN+MQSeries Fails but if use SoftVPNClient OK. Why?

Finally I figured it out,

I made a tunnel test with the SDM software, and although it was passed OK, a warning was issued saying that a ping to the server wasn't answered and that it could be due to a small value of MTU. The office had suggested 500, but didn't work. I changed the MTU setting in both vlan1 and fastethernet4 to be 1500 and then it worked.

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