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VPN natted traffic ? Does it work with PIX / 837 ?

Hello there,

I've got PIX505E and Cisco 837 to be connected via VPN. The problem is that I need 2 hosts on both ends to communicate to each-other using fake IP addresses, for instance, the host on PIX's end has IP of, it should be NATted to, say and then it should connect to IP of on the other end of the VPN which is actually a static-NATted IP address of the host with IP of ? Hopefully this makes sense ... I know that it is easily possible on VPN concentrators, though I can't get it working on PIX/837. The PIX in particular complains regarding NAT/VPN issues and overlapping. Can anyone give me a hand with this one ? Sample config lines or HTTP ref would be appreciated !



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Re: VPN natted traffic ? Does it work with PIX / 837 ?

It actually does. I've managed to sort it out myself. It was kind of easy on 837, but was a wee bit more tricky on PIX, since PIX's PDM doesn't allow to do that so I had to configure it via the telnet.

Basically, I set up a static translation and then specified to encrypt already NATted traffic since NAT happens first - it worked straight away....

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