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VPN Newbie

I am looking into setting up VPN access for 5-10 home users on DSL/cable into my company's network. I'm a software guy, but there's nobody else here to do this type of work. I've been handling simple router (3600, 1700) and firewall (PIX 515) configs, but I need to get educated on VPN quick. What is the cheapest and easiest VPN solution to provide VPN access to home users. I apologize in advance for my ignorance and appreciate any help or recommendations anyone can give.



New Member

Re: VPN Newbie

Hi Danny,

I there are two options that I would recommend to you based on your information. I would first recommend the 3005 VPN Concentrator. However, if you plan on a future growth need then I would recommend getting a basic 3015 VPN Concentrator so that you can easily add SIPs for upgrading more users. The 3015 is a fair price for what you get and easily configurable with a web browser.

Just my two cents I hope it helps!

Good Luck!


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Re: VPN Newbie

The VPN concentrator is a very good option. It hanles VPN traffic better than a software VPN, but a VPN Server would be another possible option with cost conciderations in mind. One of your existing servers may support VPN, and be a valid option if the resources on that server are low. You would have to open up the correct ports on our PIX.

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