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VPN on 2811 and Remote ADSL Routers

I am having an office which Head Office having Cisco 2811 which IPBASE IOS and Remote Station (Salesman's Home) with an ADSL router and i would like to configure a Dynamic VPN tunnel so that he can be connecting from his home to share information and pick mail.

Can someone share some light here. I know that the IOS i do have has the capability of doing a VPN Tunnel. I would like to configure it in such a away that the user will just put the Cisco 2811 External IP on his http of the ADSL and do configuration easily. Can someone help on this


Re: VPN on 2811 and Remote ADSL Routers


Are you trying for something inline with SSL VPN using the router ??

if thts the case i dont think its possible.

without much info on whts the exact requirement as well as the kinda topology u expect with the setup its very much hard to suggest anything out here..


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Re: VPN on 2811 and Remote ADSL Routers

My scenario is as follows:

Internal External

Main Office:

Acc Manager Home:

Country Manager:

Sales Exc Home:

Now the Homes have ADSL Router yet the Office has 2811 Router with Security IOS. All I am looking for is how will i implement the following option:

1. Dynamic VPN so that they use Cisco VPN Client

2. Static LAN-to-LAN Connection between the ADSL and the 2811.

I believe that most of the examples are just Cisco Router to Cisco Router but now i want a secure VPN Tunnel between the Cisco Router and an ADSL Modem.

Re: VPN on 2811 and Remote ADSL Routers


I am not sure about the kinda adsl router or adsl modem you are mentioning over here.

But using this connectivity if the wkstations placed in the remote sites are gonna get a valid ip from the public ip pool then you can make use of VPN client software to create the remote access vpn connectivity with the central location.

But afaik its not possible to establish or create a connectivity or tunnel between the cisco router kept in the central location and the ADSL modem...


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