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VPN outlook issue


I have a 2611xm router with VPN/firewall image sitting on the edge for mobile users if they want to access the corporate information.

the problem that i have is that when these users access the exchange through the VPN, they can not open the outlook, they can just open the web-access.

do you have any advice.

Also, so you have any advice to make the exchange use other then the TCP135.

Cisco has mentioned this solution in their SAFE documents but i can't find the document how to mek it on the exchange




Re: VPN outlook issue

Verify you can pass traffic once the VPN is established. If you can't ping any interal resources then the problem is with the VPN not exchange. You can access OWA because it is usually accesssible from the outside and your not acutally using the VPN.

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Re: VPN outlook issue


actually i'm able to establish the connection and access my file server and i can even access the exchange but just via Web-access but the outlook does not work

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Re: VPN outlook issue

I have had some experience with symptoms that are similar to what is described here. I have found that problems with Path MTU Discovery will lead to end stations sending max size packets which may need to be fragmented but in TCP based applications the Do Not Fragment bit is frequently turned on which causes the packet to be dropped.

Can you adjust the segment size to a smaller value (perhaps try it on a single workstation) and see if it helps the problem? I have had good success using the ip tcp adjust-mss command on routers to deal with this.



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