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VPN over ADSL issues


What we are experiencing is this.

Customer A runs a VPN to our 3015 via a PIX 506e. Customer A has two sites that are also VPN linked. Exactly the same equipment at both sites. Cisco PIX 506e and a 1700 router.

The VPN from customer A to our 3015 is now experiencing delays utilising a Citrix client. So much so that only one use can have a active Citrix session running to work.

Our link to Concentrator is a dedicated 256k Frame circuit, and the customer link is a ADSL connection with 512k/512k. This was recently upgraded, and thats when the problems started.

I have seen this first hand from both offices,customer has VPN between two sites, and this is working fine ( no Citrix though, MSTS is used ).

We have numerous other customers connecting to this Concentrator, as well as 20 users utilising VPN client. All of which are working fine.

I have not altered the MTU on the customer PIX or workstations, but this is next inline.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: VPN over ADSL issues

Could be MTU related, certainly sounds like the ISP changed something if it was working fine and then after them upgrading the circuit it started having problems. Try lowering the MTU on the PC's and on the Citrix server (if you can) to see if it makes a difference, but I would be talking to the ISP to see exactly what they did before that.

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