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VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone


My company is planning to venture into providing VPN services to the business community in the city. We are planning to build a data wireless network linking all the intended customers. The data wireless network will based on the Lucent Technologies' ORiNOCO Office router wireless system(2.4GHz ISM Unlicensed band)-11Mbps data rate. So instead of using the internet we want to build our own wireless network around the city.

Most of our target clients are Banks.They will be linking all their branches around the city to their head offices/main branches on the same wireless infrastructure.

Our line of thinking is: after building the wireless infrastructure we will then create VPNs for each customer.So all the customers will be sharing the same physical infrastructure.

How can this solution be implemented? What do we need? Could you please advise me on the products we need(software and/or hardware)to implement this solution. If there is a similar solution that has been implemented before, I will be glad to have documentation about it.



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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

An overview of our campus wireless products can be found at:

For design assistance, please locate your local Cisco representative to analyze your requirements and build the infrastructure. Your Cisco representative can be located with this tool:

Don't hesitate to contact me at for any further assistance locating a design specialist.

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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

I'm not sure that you have a clean way to split customers traffic and to use the same 802.11b network. You can do this with WEP but you should have at least two devices per customer, and you'll have a group of other problems. The cleaner way for this is to have 802.1q tagged vlans over 802.11. There are many vendors of 802.11 products (RAD for example) that say that 802.1q can pass over their equipment (which I'm not so sure). If that is true, you can do simple network with 802.11 bridges connected to the LAN switch. You can not use typical 802.11 cards or office router because they have no any way to tag the packets. It is possible to use some way of ip tunneling over 802.11, but that is not clean because your customers can change the configuration since they have access to their access devices.

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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

Go with aironet. We tested the Lucent, Cisco, Compaq, and SMC wireless equipment. The aironet was by far superior.

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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

Isn't the Aironet and Cisco the same solution now. Are you talking abiut the Cisco Aironet340 Series>

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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

I like see the solution for the same,We are also planning for the similar solutions


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Re: VPN Over Wireless (2.4GHz ISM) IP Backbone

We have a project called as Online data transfer, which is very much vogue in developed countries. The scheme would be as follows;

 There shall be one Centralized Computer server wherein Application programme is stored.

 There shall be number of POS's (Point of sales) at various points in a city.

 The number of POS's may vary between 150 to 1000

 POS's and Server to be connected through wireless wide area network

 Server is connected to a leased line of 256 kbps

 Data transmission at each POS would be less than 1kbps per transaction.

 Security level to be high. Say min 64 bit encryption. 128 bit would be excellent.

We have an online project to take off soon from Middle East . We shall appreciate if you could send a schematic proposal for such a similar projects in a most cost-effective way.

Looking forward to your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you with regards


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