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VPN remote access

This is my first time configuring a VPN.

This is how my topology is set.

Site A, Soho 96 router connected to the internet with a Pix 501 in between the router and the LAN.

Site B, Soho 77H router connected to the internet.

In site B I have installed VPN client 4.0.2 (d).

In site A I have used the Pix PDM to configure VPN remote access for vpn clients. The soho 96 has a static WAN public ip add and in between the soho 96 and pix I have used network

When I configure the vpn client in site B I use the soho 96 wan ip address to reach the vpn server (pix), also I am using group authentication. I have done no vpn configuration in the soho 96 router.

Is this correct? I ask this because I not able to connect. Please someone help me. I think that maybe I am not understanting the concept 100%.




Re: VPN remote access

So the external ip address of the pix is on the network? That isn't likely to work. Do you have more public ip addresses to work with?

New Member

Re: VPN remote access


thanks for your response. yes, the ethernet port of the soho 96 is connected to the outside port of the pix. both interfaces are in the network.

i do have more public addresses to work with. so i have to configure the pix outside address and the soho 96 ethernet address with two public addresses, correct? when i configure the vpn client do i then point to the pix outside address? if so. how do i make the pixs outside address visible to the internet? i ask this because in between the pix and the internet is the soho 96.




Re: VPN remote access

You will want the pix's outside interface to be a public address. You probably are running NAT on the soho 96- you will probably need to disable that.

The goal is to havethe pix's outside interface have a public ip, and to point the vpn clients at it

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