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VPN Routing Issue

Hi folks

Since upgrading from a Cisco VPN 3005 device to an ASA 5510 I have a routing issue that I can't seem to work out.

The attached diagram shows the basic setup of the network but essentially I have:

* Inside Network connected to Firewall.

* Firewall connects to a Protected Network and the Outside Networks.

VPN connections are made to the Outside interface from anywhere (including Internet and from outside networks).

The workstation must make connections via the inside interface and firewall into the protected network AND to outside networks again via the firewall. That is all traffic from the tunnel must pass through the firewall.

This worked well with the VPN3005 using the Tunnel Default Gateway setting. All traffic from the workstation was immediately directed to the default gateway (firewall) and then routed from there. The ASA seems to have the same concept but it doesn't seem to work. Possibly because it has a 255 metric? Connections that follow a specific route on the ASA work fine, but non-specified routes do not.

I really thought the purpose of the tunnel default gateway was to blindly send all traffic to that if it enters via a tunnel.

The real puzzling factor is that tracert from the workstation goes nowhere and I don't think that it actually leaves the PC.

Can I have some expert opinion on this please?

Many Thanks


New Member

Re: VPN Routing Issue

Just hold comments on this one for the moment. I have stripped the config completely (including not having a Management Interface) and it is working now. Need to test further and get the config back to what it should be.

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