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VPN's and their possibilities


I have a couple of questions and would really appreciate any helpful information on either please:

1. I am able at home to use IP communicator via a VPN client which associates with a PIX firewall at the main office no problem. However I was wondering if it is possible to establish a VPN client connection but instead of using CIPC, use a physical IP phone? (i.e. get the physical phone working across the VPN tunnel without the requirement of additional hardware?)

2. We currently use Citrix servers for our home access and I am looking into the possibility of a better Cisco VPN solution for the home worker. However the problem with the VPN is what resources home workers can access. I know I can use the VPN to authenticate via IAS to our RADIUS server but wondered if there were any other additional features that can be used to ensure a secure connection? (i.e. ensure the remote client has antivirus software, restrict their access to certain internal resources on the main office network etc?)

Many thanks in advnace for your comments!



Re: VPN's and their possibilities

Hi Mike,

Very good question!

First, you can use a physical phone when you establish a VPN connection. How are you connected to the internet? xDSL? Dial-up? Cable?

Second, is totally possible to have other additional features that can be used to ensure a secure connection as you mentioned. To do it, you can implement the Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control). It is an excellent solution for compliance and secures the network.

Hope it helps. If it does, please rate.


Rafael Lanna

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