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VPN server reachable

Hello everyone,

here is my problem. I am trying to create a VPN so users can hve access to the LAN (server, printers, phones....) from home. So I have used SDM "easy VPN server" to cinfigure the VPN on my router. I also use Cisco VPN client, the latest release, to acces the VPN router from home. I believe, pretty shure, that everythong is confiured right. When I start the VPN client from home, it gives me error 412-Host not answering. So I have started "debug vpn autorization" on the router, but he never gives me any log on someone trying to connect to the VPN. At home, I am behind a Dlink 614 and have configured it so it allow IpSec, with UDP port 500 and 10000

I am wondering if the ISP of my router would be the problem, cause I don't understand why the router is not receving any VPN connections events. The ISP is from Bell business (in Montreal).

I give my router config file so you can take a look at it and see if something is wrong in my configuration.

Thank you for your time and help on this one.


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