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VPN suddenly stops working over wireless but works over network cable

This is the second time I've had this issue in the last 4 months.

I am running Cisco VPN Client

My home is set up with a wireless network which I use to access the internet with my laptop.

Yesterday, I had my laptop running, with the VPN connected and everything was working as usual. I left and came back after a few hours (nothing unusual there) and noticed I couldn't get to anything anymore but the VPN still showed to be connected.

My first thought was the router had a problem (which is fairly common) but my husband was still up and running -- besides, the VPN still showed to be connected and usually when the router goes down I lose the VPN connection.

I shut down the VPN client and I was able to get to the internet again. I rebooted, was able to get to the internet, connect the VPN client, and couldn't get to anything at all anymore.

I disabled my wireless adapter and plugged in a network cable. Connected the VPN and everything worked properly.

Last time this happened, I ended up using the network cable (after losing two days before the IT guys suggested seeing if it would work this way) for several days before trying again on a whim and finding that it was suddenly working correctly again via wireless.

A network cable is all well and good if you have that kind of connection available all the time but I rely on wireless.

Has this odd behavior been seen before? The IT guys at the office suggested having my wireless adaptor checked out next time I'm in town but I'm not sure if I can trust their judgement since they typically want to blow everything away and start from scratch at the slightest issue. :)

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN suddenly stops working over wireless but works over netw


We have seen issues with various wireless adaptor makes. Some work fine at times like Linksys. I'm not sure which one you are using. Since the same computer works with wired connection then you can understand that the only variable is the wireless adapter. So you can consider the IT guys' suggestion.


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