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VPN through Cisco 678 DSL Modem

We have a remote user trying to connect to a Cisco 3000 Concentrator over a DSL line. The Cisco VPN client is version 3.5.2, the OS is Win98, the DSL modem is a Cisco 678. The client is configured to allow IPSec over UDP. It will not connect at all. It says the remote peer is no longer responding. Will the 678 allow VPN connections to go through? The built in Win98 VPN client will work but the Cisco client will not.

Also if there is a default password set up on the 678 what would it be? It is a QWest DSL setup and they claim they don't have the password to the 678. I didn't want to try to talk someone through the password recovery process over the phone.


Re: VPN through Cisco 678 DSL Modem

Hi there

I have seen VPN 3.x clients to be able to connect to the concentrator using IPsec over UDP. Can you collect the log messages from the concentrator and from the client to see why it is failing. You can also try to enable ipsec over TCP to see if that works

To reset the password on a 600 DSL modem, you have to follow the steps as described in the URL below:


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