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VPN Tunnel bandwidth

I have remote 827 routers connected via ADSL, connecting to 3015 concentrator, using IPSEC vpn tunnels. I am seeing my tunnel bandwidth always less than 400k. Can someone tell me what is the limiting factors here, and is there someway to increase this bandwidth inside the tunnel????


Re: VPN Tunnel bandwidth

What speeds are your ADSL lines? ADSL, being asymmetric, often only offers 128 to 384k upstream.

New Member

Re: VPN Tunnel bandwidth

I have most of my sites with BellSouth. They provide me 1.5m down, and 256 upstream.. I have tested from pc on the lan behind the 827, in the download direction, and am only seeing usually about 300k... and I am seeing the same result from about 5 different sites..

Re: VPN Tunnel bandwidth

While there is some bandwidth overhead associated with encapsulation I would say the culprit is probably Bellsouth. Check your SLA with them. I bet that you will find that it states speeds "up to" 1.5M down and 256 up. You can also try a bandwidth test w/o the VPN tunnel as an A/B comparison.

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