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VPN Tunnel Built - Cannot access data

We are installing the Unified VPN Client 3.01 on workstations (both 9X and Win2k, DHCP addressed)located behind a PIX Firewall on a foreign network.

The VPN Tunnel is getting built sucessfully, the remote workstaion is getting registered in our network's WINS database, however:

1.We cannot access any resources on our network thru the tunnel, most all packets are being rejected

2.We cannot PING the remote VPN'd IP address from our PIX

3. Running 6.01 on our PIX

4. Can access resources on our net from other foreign networks and via Dial-in connections

Any ideas where the problem might be?

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Re: VPN Tunnel Built - Cannot access data

check your firewall, maybe you don't have configure the correct permitter port and address in both direction

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Re: VPN Tunnel Built - Cannot access data

On the workstations, release the ip addresses which are dynamically assigned. And then try to connect. if u have a ip address from the network behind the PIX (LAN) then you can have this problem....

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