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VPN tunnel termination

I work with a PIX515. Terminating a VPN tunnel on the outside interface works fine. But my goal is to terminate the tunnel on a perimeter interface. I have tried several things but I can't get it to work. Checking the syslog shows that the udp traffic on port 1701 reaches the interface on the perimeter network. But for some reason the firewall doesn't answer.

Has anyone estabished successfully an vpn tunnel to a perimeter interface? Can anyone help me? Sample Config?

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Re: VPN tunnel termination

PPTP should be working fine in the outside interface as well as the DMZ interface. Instead of "vpdn enable outside" use "vpdn enable dmz".

By the way, PPTP use TCP 1723 and protocol GRE.

If you are seeing UDP 1701, that means client PC configed to use L2TP not PPTP. Because L2TP use UDP 1701 and protocol GRE.

Please double check your client PC configuration for PPTP.

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Re: VPN tunnel termination

But I don't want to user PPTP, I want to use an L2TP/IPsec VPN Client (Like XP/Win2K) ...

How come the perimeter interface doesn't respond, is this Cisco implementation that L2TP/IPsec connections can only be terminated on the outside interface?


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