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VPN tunnels between 3 sites.

I have 3 sites(A,B,C). A is connected to B thro' Site2Site VPN & also B is connected to C thro' Site2Site VPN. All 3 sites use PIX 7.1(1) for VPN connetctions. If I trace C clients from A client, it is only one hop thro' B. Everything working fine so far. Now if I want to add A to C directly on a Site2Site VPN, will there be any issues having double paths to the same locations?(directly & thro' B). Can I give priority on directly connected VPN path always when a packet want to reach that perticular site? Dont want to pass the trafic on the other round about path [A->B->C](even though A to C is 1 hop apart on VPN) unless the direct VPN [A->C] cannot be established for some major reason. I would appreciate if someone can give a solution before I try it out.


Re: VPN tunnels between 3 sites.

Throughout this chapter, there are numerous configuration examples and sample configuration outputs that include unusable IP addresses. Be sure to use your own IP addresses when configuring your Cisco IOS VPN gateway.

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