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VPN users can not access Internet

The VPN users can not access Internet while connected to the network.

Will you be kind and let me know how to fix this issue


Re: VPN users can not access Internet

For your VPN client users to simultaneously access your internal network and the internet you'll need to enable split-tunnelling for the VPN client access.

A note of caution here with reference to enabling split-tunnelling, if your VPN client users are connected to your corporate network whilst having access to the unsecured network (internet) and if your VPN client user's machine gets compromised (Trojan's, worms etc) then you are also compromising your corporate network too!

I personally would not give VPN client users simultaneous access to the internet and the corporate network.

But if you decide that you want to give your users internet access whilst connected to your corporate network via the VPN client then take a read of the following document for configuration example:

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Re: VPN users can not access Internet


Yes, even I would back Jay's opinion.

However I shall try to elaborate the situation a bit:-

1. We assume that you are talking about Remote Access VPN and NOT Site-to-Site VPN.

2. If you want Remote Access VPN users to be able to access Internet also, then the recommended step would be to enable them to acccess the Internet via the main network rather than they themselves having a direct access.

If you still have queries, I shall request you to post a bit more of the details and configs about your present scenario.

Kind Regards,

Wilson SAmuel

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