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VPN Users Dropping When Using Wireless

Our VPN works perfect from any wired location in the world. It just seems to happen when my users go wireless. If they're wireless they connect fine and run programs like Lotus Notes. After a few minutes they just drop. Again we have determined this is anywhere using any wireless connection. One of my users actually thought he had it narrowed down to Starbucks :)

We have all flavors of wireless users (laptop, desktop, DSL, cable) so we have narrowed this down to a wireless only issue.

-running two pix 520s (failover)

-version 6.3(5)

-all users use the Microsoft VPN adapter

Anyone Else Seeing this? Curious to know....

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Re: VPN Users Dropping When Using Wireless


Could you please provide me with more information?

1. What type of VPN termination do you have on both sides (Hub & Talker)!!

2. What type of encryption do you used for the VPN IPsec!!

Once I get the required information we can investigate the problem little in deep.



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Re: VPN Users Dropping When Using Wireless

Did you ever resolve your problem?

I ma experiencing the same thing

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Re: VPN Users Dropping When Using Wireless

I am experiencing the same thing..We are running L2TP/IPSec for Microsoft VPN Wireless Laptops and the Controller is Cisco WLC 4100.The L2TP tunnel breaks after two hours.The session timeout on the Wireless SSID is 0(permanent) and setup for 3DES Encryption, HMAC-MD5, SA 57600.

I have tried upgrading the Controller Firmware, but the new firmware does not support L2TP and IPSec is the only option for Layer3 Security.

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